Excerpt from Glamorama | Essay | 12 i karakter

Consumerism and materialism are things that are actually connected. In other words, the way we act in most instances is determined by our consumerism.

Therefore, consumerism forms the basis of our behaviour in proportion to how we present ourselves. In some cases, consumerism combined with materialism can lead you to be a part of a culture where everything is about the surface of things.

In worst-case scenario, the inside of people can be forgotten, where it can destroy relationships due to an everlasting discussion up on the surface of things.

Victor´s father even tells him that: “I work and live in Washington, D.C, Victor. What you say and do actually effects my life, and because of what my life is like, it can be acutely embarrassing for me” (p.4.ll.11 – 12.).

The use of the word embarrassing really shows how Victor´s father just think, that Victor is an obstacle for him. In fact, the father is so embarrassed with Victor, that he thought it was a good idea, that Victor changed his last name.

Throughout the excerpt the only thing Victor wants is to get his father´s recognition. Victor tells him everything, that he thinks is cool and would make his father proud.

The title Glamorama refers to the environment Victor lives in. We see this when Victor´s father says: “Yes. A hotel. In Miami.

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