Hello students of Leith’s School of Food and Wine. My name is Sophia Falk, and I am an entrepreneur here today to talk about the global wide problem, food waste. I am very passionate about this subject and will be talking about the causes, impacts, what we can do to cut down on food waste and how we can turn this into a business opportunity.

Food Waste is an issue around the world, especially in developed countries, including the UK. In developed countries, consumers and retailers throw away 30-40% of food while poor countries only throw out 5-10%. Food waste approximately includes 45% of all fruit and vegetables and 20% of meat. The catering industry also contributes to the 0.9 tons of food waste caused by the food service industry in the UK, and there can be taken action to reduce this waste

In the UK, a massive cause to food waste are the supermarkets. Supermarkets tend to deny “ugly produce” as they don’t believe customers will buy it. The produce is perfectly good to eat. However, supermarkets still deny it from the warehouses and producers. This accounts for the 20-40% of produce from UK famers that is wasted.

Ugly produce "is further there as on forover production on farms. Farmers knowingly over produce, since they will most likely only be able sell the “good looking” produce. Produce that does not meet the standards of buyers is wasted. Another contribution to waste, is that supermarkets will offer deals and discounts when food to coming near its sell by date. These discounts cause customers to buy more food than they will use, which most likely ends up being thrown away.