The quieter the food, the heathier

You are what you eat. What do I mean by that? All I can say is that we all have two options.

Either you eat healthy food, stay strong with a good immune system and live longer or you can follow the western diet and eat often all the junk- and processed food, which shouldn’t even be dignified as food.

Think about your body as a machine that runs on gasoline. If you one day decides to use body oil instead of gasoline, you will experience that the machine will noteven work, as it supposed to do.

Instead it will breakdown, stop workingor will cause consequences.In some cases,you have to go to the mechanic to get it fixed which will cost you a lot of money and you do not even know if it can be fixed.

It is the sameway our body reacts, if you put the wrong things inside it, it will do the exactly as the machine, here it suffers damages inside our organs over a period of time or cause illness or even in worst cases mutation which can root cancer.

Then you will have to go to the hospital and pay a lot of money on treatments and again it is not even sure that the doctors can help you cure your disease.

So now you might ask “What kinds of food should I eat to stay healthy then? According to Michael Pollan, you should live by these seven words “Eat food, not too much, mostly plant” By this slogan Pollan is saying that eat foods that generations have been eating for a long time.

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