Fast Food – or not?! | Engelsk

Fast food is one of the biggest industries in the world. In America alone 50 million people are served fast food every day. McDonald’s sell 75 hamburgers every second. The number of children with obesity is only becoming bigger and bigger every day.

1/3 of children in America are overweight. These are in a lot of ways some very disturbing numbers. But not for the fast food franchisees. This shows them that their way of promotion, is the right way. The only thing they can do now is evolve .

You could look at fast food franchisees promotion from a lot of perspectives. I have chosen to look at it from the fast food franchisees and the customers perspectives. But first of all, I would like to give you a little bit of a history lesson on how fast food franchisees used to promote themselves.

McDonald’s was the first fast food franchise in the world. Ray Kroc discovered the concept fast food, which was invented by the McDonald brothers. McDonald’s had the ability to make an entire order in less than 30 seconds.

McDonald’s Incorporation was founded in 1955 and back then they promoted themselves in the local newspaper. The idea of fast food grew so quickly that, other franchisees started taking advantage of the concept (fast food). One of those franchisees were Burger King.

They were the first ever fast food franchise to land an international TV commercial. This actually meant that in less than two years Burger King had grown to almost the same size as McDonald’s.

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