We humans in this world have a very large food game consumption in our everyday lives I will go deeper with some facts about food waste in addition, I will go into more depth on this problem and finally come up with a solution to the problem

I Denmark they have managed to reduce food waste by 25 percent in five years in all supermarket’s, discounted stickers have been used, where, for example, 1 hour before closing time

50% of everything bake-off has been said to reduce, or products such as dairy, meat or fish so that it does not have to be thrown out immediately.

So you are probably thinking right now based on all these facts that u most likely to do at least 2 of the things, but don’t worry if u just follow some of the things to reduce food waste

and here are my steps to do it, first of all, you have to make a meal plan for the week, and buy rationally and not be driven by impulse buying it's not that hard if you sit down before you buy open the fridge see if their things you already have in advance or that can be used

the other thing is buying what you need not buy things you think you are going to use a future or buy too much ground till it's 1 you spend too much money 2 you end up throwing it out again due to date.