E Waste & Why you may never need a new mobile phone | Eksamenssæt HTX 19. dec. 2011

A. Summary
Write a summary of the video clip. (About 200 words)

B. Discussion
“... now the data is in, that there are tremendous health impacts ...”. (3:29 - 3:33)

Discuss the implications of our use and disposal of electronic devices in today's throwaway society.
Include a comment on the quotation and base your discussion on both text and video clip. (Minimum 600 words)

I: E Waste
Text II: Why you may never need a new mobile phone

What we hear about in this video is mainly recycling of computers, televisions, cellphones etc.
In the video we are getting told, that we have this company called ”E Waste”. This company got dusins of employees, who all are using their days at work, shreading computers apart. This is done to pull out all the valuable and/or usable contains of metals, plastic, paper and so on.
These parts of electronic, plastic, metals etc. Are then put into giant boxes, which are sent to different companies, who are specialists in that certain area. These companies will then melt down the metals to separate them, recycle the paper etc.


In Denmark and mostly the rest of the civilised world, we are really good at buying stuff. We are actually so good at it, that our system is based on the fact, that all of us are buying and selling products constantly. If you look back at the start of the financial crisis in 2008-2009 you will realize very fast, that the problem here actually was, that people had so huge loans, that they couldn't afford to buy anything, when some banks went bankrupt.
This might seem irrelevant to the throwaway society we somehow have managed to build. But actually i personally think, that the start of this crisis has the same main reason, as why we throw so many useful parts of electronic and other products, away.

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