Titel: “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump”
Forfatter: Héctor Tobar
Udgivelset den 18. august 2015 i The New York Times

Write an analytical essay in which you analyse the text "Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump" by Héctor Tobar.

- Part of your essay must focus on argumentative and linguistic features.
- Based on your analysis, assess whether Héctor Tobar is successful in communicating his message.

The article “Why Latino Children are scared of Donald Trump” is written by Héctor Tobar and published in “The New York Times” in 2015.

In the article Héctor Tobar accomplish to cover the way children from Latin America perceive Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for the presidential election in the US. The article explains how Donald Trump spread fear to the children with Latin American roots.

He spread fear through statements like calling all Mexicans rapists or drug dealers. This means that the main themes of this article is immigration, fear and discrimination of Latin American people.

In this analysis, I will look at Héctor Tobar´s intention with this article and also articles sender and receiver. But my main focus will be on analyzing the writers argumentative and linguistic features.

In this article, Héctor Tobar uses a lot of hidden arguments, in that way that he isn’t criticizing Donald Trump directly.

But even though he isn’t criticizing Trump directly, it becomes very clear for the reader that he isn’t quite a big fan of Trump. Instead of criticizing Trump directly he is doing it indirectly by using Trumps quotes, and then ask Latino children what they think about the quote.

This means that he arguments through the interviews he is having with the children. An example of this could be the 7-year-old Hugo, explaining how he interprets Trumps quote about Mexicans being rapists.