Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump | Analytical essay

The article, “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump”, is written by Héctor Tobar and was posted in the American newspaper, The New York Times, on August 18th 2015. The following analysis of the article primarily focuses on the argumentative and linguistic features. Furthermore, it is assessed throughout the analysis whether he is successful in communicating his message, or if he is too biased due to his personal background.

The sender of the text, Héctor Tobar, is an experienced American journalist who has worked in the media for approximately 30 years. He has won a Pulitzer prize, which is one of the most prestig-ious prices journalists can hope to receive. Additionally, his parents were born in Guatemala which might give the article bias but also credibility in the eyes of the Latino immigrants.

The direct receivers of the article are the readers of The New York Times, but equally important, the Latino Americans, the American citizens and even the president, Donald Trump are indirectly addressed in the following quote. “That’s what happens when you attack an entire people: You add a new chapter to their story of overcoming obstacles.” To put it differently, Tobar criticizes Trump’s campaign against Hispanics and Latino Americans while sending the message that his behaviour deserves no acceptance.

The written style of language in the article is both formal and informal due to, for instance, vari-ous use of a neutral/personal tone. “In other words, Mr. Trump has put another chip on our shoul-ders” “ In Lynwood, a working-class and mostly Latino suburb of Los Angeles, it isn’t hard to find children who have heard of El Señor Trump” With reference to the 2 quotes respectively, it is shown that there is a fluctuation in the use of personal and neutral tone, which might give the readers a personal as well as a general view of the article.

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