Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump

The text “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” is an opinion article written by Héctor Tobar. Tobar is a Los Angeles-born author and journalist. Much of his work covers the West, immigration, and Latin America. He has written many articles about important political topics related to Latin America. This essay will analyse the text by Tobar with a focus on argumentative and linguistic features. Thereafter, it will assess whether Tobar is successful in communicating his message.

The author uses hidden argumentation in his article. This means that his arguments are presented indirectly. He instead speaks his case through the voices of the children . An indirect allusion has been used to Hitler to propose Trump as a dictator with the sentence “Like certain politicians in the Weimar Republic , he’s found a largely defenseless group to pick on — who also happen to be reviled by a bankable minority of the electorate.”
The above allusion is also an example of one out of several similes. Namely, the similes between public figures and fiction characters from fairy tales and other historical figures. The first one is The Donald as an obvious reference to Donald Trump: “Now we can add a new boogeyman to the repertoire of scary Latino bedtime stories. His name is The Donald” and “…Donald J. Trump has become a figure of dread and comic-book meanness to the Latino community. He’s a villain in a flaccid pompadour…”. Also, the simile between Sheriff Arpaio and Cucuy: “I like to think of him as our Cucuy (a kidnapping boogeyman also known as El Cuco).” and Bill O’Reilly and El Cadejo: “The Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is El Cadejo (an angry being with sharp canines)”.

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