Donald Trump doesn’t think America is very great right now. He thinks that the country is divided and that its people are broken. America has overlooked a lot of its people; many men and woman’s voices have not been heard.

He thinks that America has for a long time been focusing on helping other country’s but forgotten itself. America has been far too generous, and this has coursed havoc in America. Factories are closing and people are losing their jobs.

They have helped other country’s by enforcing their military, but it seems they have forgotten their own. They don’t really have the military to protect themselves from other countries.

Their borders are weak, and they need to change that as soon as possible, the American people have been robbed of their jobs for far too long, this needs to change. From now on they hire American and buy American.

This all seems horrible, but Mr Donald Trump has a solution. Their previous leaders have overseen the minorities in the country, and people are living in poverty.

Donald Trump is very famous for his language, studies have shown that his verbal output is about the same as a 10-year-old.

He is very simple, and he doesn’t often use hard and difficult words when he talks. A lot of people say that this is proof that his mental state is weak and he is unable to think in complex ways.

However, when he has a scripted speech he usually speaks on the same level of his fellow politicians. In this speech, he uses simple language and informal language.

Some would say that this is a bad thing but it’s not. In fact, it is quite genius, by speaking this way he is he speaks to the normal American person, which makes him seem more human and more down to earth.

The people love him for this, compared to other politicians he seems like a regular person...