Donald Trump’s rally speech | Analysis | 12 i karakter

The 45th president of The United States has shaken the political area with alleged scandals, frequent social media usage, extemporaneous, and fiery rally speeches.

Like him or hate him, President Donald Trump is a unique politician. But is his unique brand of presidential oratory deliberate and strategic, or is it the disjointed output of a disordered mind, or something else? His rally speech in Minnesota, Deluth (September 30, 2020) was rather interesting.

The speech itself is deliberate because it is political and biased. He considers political and economic questions and discusses different views.

Trump is an unusual political speaker. He does not have a lot of experience in the political area compared to politicians like Biden. This is also reflected in his language, which has a distinct style that is different from usual political speeches.

It contains fragmented sentences and seemingly random repetition. “Oh, here´s a beauty. Here we go. Here we go. There´s another beauty out there.

Go home to mom go home. Go home to mom” (ll 36-37). He deliberately tries to talk in a way that seems more accessible to the general population.

Donald Trump uses repetition very frequently during his speech, though the way he uses it is very unusual. He often follows his longer sentences with a short repetition of a few words or phrases from that sentence, sometimes even repeated several times in a row:

“I stand with the heroes of the law enforcement. Did you see last night? I said the words, Joe, don´t even say good or bad.

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