Socially mobile | Essay | 10 i karakter

I am one of Britain’s “socially mobile”. I am one of the few pupils to go to university from a free school meals background, and one of the one in a thousand who make it into Oxbridge. And I’m part of a dwindling number.

The annual report from the government’s social mobility commission found that social mobility, already a deep problem, is getting worse “for an entire generation of young people”.

Being willing to work around that lack of knowledge wouldn’t help me either. It didn’t matter where I went to university.

When I left, my lack of family wealth meant taking the first job I was offered, at just above the minimum wage, because I needed money, and fast.

Withstanding months of rejection while waiting for a stable, well- paid career job to come along was not an option.

The effect on mobility was insidious: a slow starting salary means no prospect of saving for years to come. We line the pockets of private landlords instead of cementing our futures. And that is not because we are unwilling to work.

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