Three-parents babies – Eksamenssæt HTX 21. august 2015 | Essay

Skriv en diskussion om emnet 'three-parents babies' ud fra de fem kildetekster. Vælg mellem som et essay, en fremtidsrapport, et debatindlæg eller en nyhedsartikel.

I: CBS News: Is it OK to make babies from 3 parents’ DNA? (video)

II: BBC: Fiona Bruce: "There will be no going back for society" (video)

III: BBC: Rachel Kean has a family history of mitochondrial disease and says the technique could be hugely beneficial (video)

IV: BBC: MPs say yes to three-person babies (text)

V: BBC: ‘Designer babies’ debate should start, scientists say (text)

Just like any other big, ethical question, a lot of people have different opinions a certain subject. Strong comparisons like “playing god” and arguments including “slippery slopes” are being used in the public debate. The subject “three-person babies” is, with these arguments and countless perspectives, is a very popular debate, with almost everyone citizen included.

2.001 parent babies – Why not?
Evolution, Science and Progress
Playing god
Political decisions
UK and politics
Conclusion – What to do?

To give a quick resume, the main purpose of three-person babies, is to cut out dysfunctional mitochrondia which, if nothing is done, could result in diseases such as brain damage, muscle wasting, heart failure and blindness.
What’s done in the process, is simply removing the DNA from an upcoming mother and another woman’s stem cell. Then the DNA from the mother’s stem cell will be placed in the other woman’s stem cell, paired with the father’s sperm cell and put back into the mother’s reproductive organs.

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