Engelsk Eksamen HTX 2015 delprøve 2

Følgende materialer bliver skrevet om i opgaven:
” Is your smartphone ruining your sleep?
” How much can an extra hour’s sleep change you?”

Kommentar fra underviseren:
Wow, what a development. You write a very nice discussion. The language is good and varied, the formalities are in order, and you are very good at implementing the different perspectives with your knowledge, and finally, your opinion. For this reason, I only have two small comments:

1. You do not need to make a summary of the second text. Use the beginning of the discussion as a small introduction to the theme. Actually, the beginning of your second paragraph would have worked well in the beginning of the discussion.

2. You bring in your own opinion a bit too soon. Try instead to compare the perspectives, or let Mosley´s perspectives be a supplement to Wiseman´s, using your 1. Paragraph there.

For this assignment you would probably receive the grade 7 or 10, depending on how well you did in your delprøve 1. Well done


A: Summary
B: Discussion

A: Summary:
The video” is your smartphone ruining your sleep?” is from BCC news and was aired 5th of April year 2014.

In the video professor, Richard Wiseman, a Psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, talks about sleep and how much trouble you can have sleeping, just by looking at your smartphone before bed. Professor Wiseman says that the average adult needs 8 hours of sleep while teenagers and children need up to 9 hours.

Professor Wiseman’s main point is that two-thirds of Britain’s population don’t get all their sleep. A big part of the problem according to Professor Wiseman is smartphones and the blue light they’re emitting.


B: Discussion:

The text” How much can an extra hour's sleep change you?” was made public on 9th October year 2013 by BBC news. The first point we get introduced to is the reason why the amount of sleep is because we as a society think of sleep as a luxury and something we can cut back on, on for example the weekends.

The rest of the text is about a little sleeping experiment. Seven people, who normally sleep anywhere between six and nine hours, get assigned into two groups.

One group had to sleep six-and-a-half hours and other group had to sleep seven-and-a-half hours. After a week they switched hours. The point of the experiment was to show how important deep sleep is for your memory. The results showed that just by adding one hour makes a huge difference in your energy level.

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