‘We Can’t Be Good at Everything’ | Analytical essay

Write an analytical essay (literary essay) of the short story “We Can’t Be Good at Everything” by Emma Sloley.

In “We Can’t Be Good at Everything” The host Miles Warden, is hosting his son’s third birthday, but he only agreed to host, because he knew that his famous mother would show.

His whole childhood, she has been away, and basically not a very good mom, in his perspective.

Throughout the story, Miles mom seems very arrogant:” His mother arrives late, of course, and with a retinue in tow her assistant and the assistant’s assistant; and her husband, Miles’s father

who isn’t officially an employee but may as well be. It’s her hair you see first, that familiar gleaming mass that sweeps her shoulders, the golden highlights a special tone Miles knows all the women use because it looks good on camera.”

The way she arrives late, and not apologizing immediately for being late to her only grandchild’s birthday party, in addition to that she arrives with two assistants, to a casual family gathering

that in the story is not properly mentioned, which makes it seem like it is normal for her, to always walk around with at least two of her associates wherever she goes.

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