Assignment 6 – Summary
Assignment 6 – Analytical essay
Assignment 6 – Discussion

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The short story “We can’t be good at everything” by Emma Sloley. The story is taking place during a birthday party of a three-year-old boy called William. William’s father is the host of the birthday party.

The only reason why he agreed to be the host was to reconnect with his famous mother Fenella Warden.

Williams balloons fly away, and he really liked that one, so he got very sad. Fenella tried to comfort him, but nothing works. Miles was satisfied with the way Fenella could not comfort William.

Miles told her mom Fenella that he got a promotion at his job and will work full time. Miles’s wife Jill is also return to her full-time job.

Miles then ask Fenella if she wants to look after William a couple of days in the week, but Fenella didn’t want to because she had work to do. Miles and Fenella talk about his childhood, and that Fenella wasn’t the best mom.