The film is a historical drama about Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who wanted to lead an attack on Hitler's army in the first years of World War II and try to save as much soldiers as possible at Dunkirk.

The Nazis' unstoppable war machine rolls over Western Europe and the threat of invasion was imminent. The British, French and Belgian soldiers were surrounded by the Germans forces in Dunkirk between 26 May and 4 June 1940.

The people were unprepared, the king is skeptical, and Churchill's own party conspires against him. The prime minister is now facing his darkest hour when he is going to gather a nation and try to change the course of world history.

At the beginning of the film, you get a slightly bad relation to Winston Churchill, because we get to know him as a 66 years old bent man who wears glasses, drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes. He’s kind of anxious and uncertain, as we know that no one likes him in the parliament and even King George.

For example, the scene when Churchill had to meet King George we got a hilariously awkward moment. We see them staring right in front of each other, the music in the background is Contrapuntal and we get the cringy expressions of the characters from the zoomed cameras.

But by the time we get a whole new perspective of Winston Churchill, we will see him as a dominant, emotional and clever prime minister. We get the dominance via the low-angle and the emotions and his feelings via the eye-level angle. We also get another good scene when Churchill was sitting in the train.

He shows up as a man without big standards and a man, who want to listen to other people and hear their stories and feelings. We also see some cross-cutting, when we see the battlefield and the parliament.

The sad moment was when we get an extreme close zoom, to show the anger and the sadness in Churchills expressions, that he cares a lot of the people in Dunkirk and want people to finally believe him.

He also said: ‘’My feelings are not sustainable, and I know that people don’t like me and the parliament’’ When he was talking with the King George in his cabinet.