Mothers work hard and make sacrifices to make sure that our lives would be better. Your mother is the heart of family life. Once your mother is gone, you would no longer have the chance to put things right or even hear her voice. Even if you didn’t have the perfect relationship with your mother, the loss of her can be just as disastrous.

Straying away from life on the whole only to be alone, is the strong way to heal yourself when dealing with extreme grief. This message is portrayed in the film “Wild” (2014) directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

The story is about the toughness behind the loss of a family member and hereby be solitary. This essay focuses on a characterization of the main character and as well as the relationship with the protagonist’s mother.

The protagonist Cheryl Strayed comes across as a goal-directed and strong-minded woman, whose feminism and indurated exterior give place to self-destructive anguish after her mother’s death. This is evident since she has an extremely difficult life, which is depicted by the use of frequent flashbacks that glimpse into Cheryl’s life.

The Clip technique is fast and the colours is bright and interlacing past with the present. It gives a vivid and evocative exposure to her turbulent past filled with negative life events such as her horrendous heroin abuse .

Conspicuously Cheryl’s reckless behavior accentuates in her heroin abuse as an escape from her reality, the audacious intercourse with strangers and the end of her marriage. Therefore, she takes a rash and harsh decision to leave her life behind after the loss of her mother to find peace after years of impetuous, destructive behavior.