Analysis and interpretation of Alicia Elliot’s short story ”Unearth”

The short story “Unearth”, written by Alicia Elliott, is a story that show a picture of some of the horrible things, Native Americans have been through in the US.

The main themes in the story are discrimination towards Natives, childhood traumas and loss of identity. Many Natives lost their identity, because they were forced into Christianity and to give up all the Native traditions, and names they had.

The story takes place in the neighbourhood, where Beth grew up. The neighbourhood has changed a lot from when Beth was a child, to when she is 63 years old and comes back to the neighbourhood, when the police calls her and tell her that, they have found her brother’s remains.

Beth describes, what the neighbourhood looks like now, compared to back when she was a child.

When she was a child, the neighbourhood was a very poor Native American neighbourhood, but now it is a middle- class white neighbourhood.

She thinks about the time, when she was a little child, running around the streets begging for food from her neighbours, and wonders whether the people living there now, know what the Native people, who used to live there, went through.

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