Streamlining is written by Muli Amaye 2014. “Streamlining” is about a girl named Joice. The text is about Joice and her brother Brandon, who are driving to visit their mother in Reddish. In the short story we follow Joice’s way to change her life through the short way, by following Streamlining, so she can move forward from her poor childhood.

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In the short story,” Streamlining” is Joice the protagonist. It is the narration that follows Joice point of view all the way through the short story and explores all her conflicts with her family.

Joice inner characterization presents her as a woman that is deeply frustrated with her family, and that makes her feel like a failure, and not good enough, but the short story also presents her as a successful career woman.

Even though that Joice like her brother, and cares about him, she’s frustrated because of his childish behavior, and that he is irresponsible, but still is their mother’s favorite child. “Her Brother wasn’t a bad person. He just didn’t know he was irresponsible; the word wasn’t in his vocabulary.”

It becomes clear in the short story that Joice really believes that she is much more mature and responsible than her brother is, and that is also why Joice is so frustrated, and in the short story, we also read that she means it is because of he is a man that he is so irresponsible. “Maybe she should resent her brother, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t his fault he’d been born with a penis.”

But Joice problem is her mother, Joice blames her mother for likening Brandon higher than her, and that she likes Brandon better then Joice because of Brandon’s way to being irresponsible and also favoring him all the time. “It was all Mother’s fault. Joice pulled herself upright. She’d thought it. Now she had to deal with that word. Fault.”