‘The Death of the Short Story’ | Summary and analysis

Why is it a problem that the short story dies in the text?
Is this a crime story? Why/why not?

The text “The Death of the Short Story" is about a short story that dies. The story's friends talk about how one day he was there and the next, he was gone.

They were so busy watching poetry they didn’t see the warning signs. On TV, they saw crowds all over the world stack flowers and stuffed animals outside libraries.

At his funeral, the Prose Poem delivered a eulogy, and the loutish novel got drunk on cheap chardonnay.


It is a problem that the short story dies because he is connected to all kinds of literature somehow. We meet many different genres in the story, for example, memoir, autobiography, and poetry.

Many genres have “affairs” with one or another, and what I mean by that is something called a cross-genre. A cross genre that blends themes and elements from two or more different genres is trendy.

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