A short summary of the article “The man with ten personalities”

The article published by Times magazine (1978,) is a look inside the brains of an Ohio rape suspect. The man named Billy Milligan is told to have been a person constantly in trouble with police. Though later in an interrogation Billy had as if changed personality. The article later tells the story of how Billy has changed into a person; “David.”

9 other personalities are discovered and therein the police learn that Billy is actually not “Billy” but instead which ever person the body decides to be. Therein not only Billy’s actions change but also “His” IQ and other basic functions that were thought as non-changing.

A short summary of the article “The man with ten personalities”
Analytical essay of “The man with ten personalities”

“The man with ten personalities” Continuously asks the question “If your body is evil but “you” aren’t, are you an evil person?” you see this question multiple times through the article. Even though this is an informative article the information is still nitpicked to make you question your own moral compass.

An example of this can be seen (S184; L1-L7) Wherein we learn the personality that committed the rapes is a lesbian woman named Adelena.

The immediate reaction would probably be to question how a female personality wouldn’t be confused when being in a male body, and other questions like “Is Adelena aware that she is a person renting another person’s body?”. Again, the same question emerges at (S183; L9-L10) Where in Billy transforms into a three-year old named Christene.

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