”The New Girl” Interpretation | Analysis


The new girl is a true story. The story is about a girl named Allison, the narrator and “the new girl”. Allison and the narrator both live in a white community, and have been friends for a long time. One day a family of African-American people move in, across the street, from Allison’s house.

Allison and the narrator are out riding their bikes as always, when the narrators sees the new girl, down the street, the narrator smiles and waves at her, but once Allison sees her, it becomes anything but a sweet moment, she shouts for the “nigger” girl to get out of the street. The narrator doesn’t have the gut to stand up for the new girl, so she comes with an agreeing racist comment back to Allison.

The regret of not standing up for the black girl, build’s up to a point, where the narrator thinks about it every single day, even though it’s 20 years ago. And still worries that the African American family thinks of her as a racist.

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