How to date a brown girl (black girl, white girl or halfie) | Analytical essay

It is common to naturally change aspects of your personality and behaviour when being around different groups of people

some topics that you would discuss with your friends and family might not be appropriate to discuss at a work environment and the important thing becomes about knowing which roles to adopt in certain circumstances.

This theme is explored in Junot Diaz’s short story “How to date a brown girl (black girl, white girl or halfie)” (1996)

where the teenage male protagonist fights an internal battle about coming to terms with his culture and acceptance from girls of different races .

On one level, it almost seems like the narrator can predict the future by knowing exactly what will happen with him and the girl

but on another level, this incident and every other prediction he has for dates with the different girls has happened in the past before.

He talks out of experience when he knows what will happen to the “you” because he has already dealt with that situation beforehand and that is why it can seem strange to the readers because his ‘guide’ is so oddly detailed.

In that way, because of how the format is presented to be a guide, the narration must ‘formally’ perform with objectivity but as the story line becomes more and more specific

it may only apply to the narrator himself and the narration deals with subjectivity instead . Furthermore, to investigate if the narrative voice reflects the narrator’s personality

the protagonist must firstly be characterized. As states , he never properly introduces himself but throughout the story, certain comments and hints gives the readers an idea about who he is.

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