“Superman and Paula Brown’s new snowsuit” | Engelsk

There comes a moment in everyone's life where they experience the development from child to adult. It is a big step that can be frightening and to some very disappointing. The cruel reality of the world suddenly breaks in and makes you realize that the superheroes of your childhood, whether these are your parents, other family members or one of your teachers, will not always be able to protect you.

The moment of realization will stay with your forever, just like the main character's moment did in "Superman and Paula Brown's new snowsuit". The short story is written by Sylvia Plath in 1955 and portrays the story of an adult woman looking back in time, recalling growing up during World War II.

"Superman and Paula Brown's new snowsuit" revolves around our main character, who is also the narrator, which implies that the short story is written in first person limited view. The limited view of the main character means that we are able to know her perspective and thoughts on the troubles that occurs throughout the story.

Through her thoughts we experience the world from her point of view and also how they change and develop from childish and creative to more adult thoughts: "The airport was my Mecca, my Jerusalem. All night I dreamed of flying. Those were the days of my technicolor dreams." (Plath, p. 153).

Like any child, she has a vivid imagination and the access to her thoughts also helps the reader experience her development: "I lay there alone in bed, feeling the black shadow creeping up the underside of the world like a flood tide. Nothing held. nothing was left.

The silver airplanes and the blue capes all disappeared and vanished, wiped away like the crude drawings of a child in colored chalk from the colossal blackboard of the dark." (Plath, p. 160). In the end, her imagination and view on the world is much darker and sadder than it was when she started narrating the story.

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