Why did I choose this subject?
What are indigenous Australians?
What are Torres strait islander people?
What are Aboriginal Australians?
Where did Aboriginal Australian come from?
How are Aboriginal Australians today
How many Aboriginal Australians died under the British Colonisation
What it is about the stolen Children
How many indigenous Australian’s is there today
What is the most important things in indigenous Australians culture
What was the indigenous lifestyle before the colonisation?
What does the different indigenous flags means?
- The Aboriginal flag:
- The Torres strait islander flag:
- Does the indigenous Australians speak another language

Indigenous Australians
Why did I choose this subject?

I chose did subject because I think it’s exciting to learn about, it’s a very big part of Australia’s history and also present.

I will like to know the difference between the Aboriginal Australians and the Torres strait islander people because I think its interesting how different people can be in the different cultures.

What are indigenous Australians?
Indigenous Australians are split into two groups. The Aboriginal Australians and Torres strait Islander people.

What are Torres strait islander people?
Torres Strait people comes mostly from Queensland which is a state in north-eastern Australia.

hey have a separate governmental status from the rest of Australia. This is called The Torres Strait regional Authority.

The government is established in 1994 and its primary function is to strengthen social, economic and cultural development of Torres strait islander people.