It’s no accident that Blak Australia has survived the… | Analyse

The inspiring article of Melissa Lucashenko; “It's no accident that Blak Australia has survived the pandemic so well. Survival is what we do” calls attention to the hardship the pandemic has brought particularly to the Indigenous people.

Nevertheless, the Aboriginals have in generations strongly adapted to the adversity they have encountered. Meanwhile

the First Nations mob is two to three times sicker than mainstream Australians, mainstream suburbanites are overreacting and hysterically fighting each other over the “luxury” of toilet paper.

The sender of the article “It's no accident that Blak Australia has survived the pandemic so well. Survival is what we do” is Melissa Lucashenko.

She is a relatively well-known public persona in the Australian community. Lucashenko is an Australian author of both Bundjalung (Aboriginal Australians) and European descent.

Due to her ethnic background as an Aboriginal woman, it recommends her as someone who has extensive knowledge of the Indigenous culture and issues related to the Indigenous society:

“Perhaps because I’m the child of refugees as well as being Aboriginal, I’ve never trusted the mainstream economy not to throw us to the wolves.” → (line 4-6, paragraph 18).

The fact that she is of Indigenous Australian heritage, gives her legitimacy to talk about Australian politics and even racism.

She may not directly have been involved in politics, but as a citizen, she has been exposed to different political attitudes due to her roots.

The author does have credibility, seeing as in her article, she is considering both political and economical questions and she discusses present actions.

She, as both an Aboriginal and a refugee, is a first-hand witness to these circumstances. According to classical rhetoric, there are generally three intentions, I believe Lucashenkos’s intentions are: to inform and even educate.

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