Essay … Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

In terms of how we talk or do not talk about death, it is important not to make something such a natural part of life into taboo. It is also important how we introduce it to children, the next generation, and how we choose to teach and act around them when it comes to the matter of death.

In that matter,it is a parent’s job to introduce death into their children’s lives.

But how do we do that? How do introduce something as natural and big and at the same time small and dark without ruining the fragile innocence of a child?

it reoccurs in the term of Mark’s best friend dying. In addition to that the title “Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” refers to the phases that Sarah is going through coping with the trauma of her brother’s death; First she is divorced from her brother.

Then she becomes isolated from her previous friends, and at last she survives the trauma. At the same time this reflects on how death should be taken in general. It may be harsh but in the end you will get over it.

It is now her job to carry it on to her son, who has the same reaction as her when she was a kid. In the end she makes the decision to do so; “It was hard” […] There is no secret answer. It was terribly, terribly hard” (s. 5, ll 162-163)

The overall theme surrounding the text is death; how to deal with death, the grief that comes with it and one should introduce it to children. When Sarah’s brother dies it results in her being very isolated and having a hard time coping with her brother’s death.

So much that even in her adult life where she has kids of her own she does not know how to tackle it. In the effort of trying to protect her own kids’ innocence she becomes very protective and almost paranoid “Mark and Coco are four years apart - we had been two apart.

And maybe it was superstition that made me wait that extra stretch of time ”(s. 2, ll 59-60).

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