The new girl | Essay

Have you ever been a very good friendship with someone, that got ruined because of another person? Well this story includes one of those situations.

When you have that feeling, you are most likely to get angry, especially if you like the person that you “loose”. It can be very confusing for both parts, because it is not sure that both people want the relationship to end.

It can also be heartbreaking if the person has feelings for the other person. This is a situation that can cause a lot of different topics. Because of that you always have to be aware about what you are doing, and what kind of “problems” it can lead to.

Allison and the narrator are living in a middleclass neighborhood, which includes that the houses are sturdy. When we hear about the weather in the story its always hot and the sun is shining, which makes the situations they are experiencing positive, even when there are some problems between them.

The story is easy to understand, and it is written in a way that makes it easy to understand, even for the young people. I would mean that the target group is around 15 years to 20 years, because I do not think that people above the twenties would find this story interesting.

The topic in the story would be racism. I choose the topic to be racism, because I think the way that the story suddenly escalates to a bad situation, because of racism.

Allison has a problem with the people moving in across the streets and begins to “offend” “the new girl”, which leads to the narrator does not recognize her anymore. That is why the narrator have not contacted her since he moved away.

That leads to the headline, which is “the new girl”. I think it is called “the new girl”, because there is a new girl who moves in across the street. She “ruins” Allison and the narrator’s relationship, even though it is not the new girls’ fault.

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