Big mouth, ugly girl Fiction analysis

1. Summarise the novel, please (200 words)
2. Characterise Ursula and Matt.
a. Give a direct / indirect characterisation of the two main characters.
b. What is their relationship to their parents?
c. How does their relationship develop and why do you think they fall in love with each other?
3. What is the theme of the novel (i.e. what overall subject does the text fundamentally deal with)?
4. Relate the novel to our Area Study – USA.

A rumor is going around at Rocky River High. Ursula and Matt have begun to see each other. Many people do not understand how Matt can be attracted to a girl like Ursula, and some cannot understand why Ursula wants to be with Matt because he is strange.

Many thinks that the only reason Matt and Ursula could be a couple is because they are both weird. Matt is angry with Ursula.

The first time Matt was angry with Ursula, and she was hurt. Ursula waits for Matt to contact her. Ursula feels that their friendship has never, ever existed before. Ursula is trying to be strong.

Matt begins to miss Ursula, but he does not bother to contact her. Matt hates Ursula because she has criticized his parents. Matt and Ursula's friendship is about to break.

Matt begins by going to a psychologist because his parents believe he will commit suicide. It all suggests that Matt's entire family has mental health issues.

Matt will not go to a psychologist, most of all he will just forget the whole thing. Ursula was right that Matt would be even more depressed by going to a psychologist. Basically, this book is about Ursula and Matt who Is both pretty weird, at the end of the book they come in a relationship.

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