Social heritage is an evil circle, that is really tough to break, especially if you do not have any special prerequisites to help you climb up the social ladder. Growing up in the lower part of the social classes can easily lead to disadvantages.

High ambitions turn into goals, which turns into hope, only to become a dream, that turns into an unattainable fantasy. Even so

this a tough reality for numerous people in the younger era in every society. This particular issue is addressed, in the short story” Tom Corridan” written in 2018, by Arhondia.

The setting in the short story is located in the 1970’s Dublin, Ireland. The story takes place at several locations, such as the Corridan family home, Tom’s school, and the local pub.

Furthermore, the social setting generally concerns family issues in the working class, attitudes to education, and to abuse. The social setting also briefly touches on stereotypical gender roles and stereotypical ideas about masculinity.

These particular events are described through the main character, Tom Corridan’s, eyes, which makes him the protagonist and first-person narrator.

Since the reader has direct access to all the main character's feelings and thoughts, one quickly feels sorrow for the narrative, in connection with the binding and harsh environment he lives under.