Tom Corridan | Analytical Essay

Social heritage, not being able to shift through social classes and having trouble getting an education because of being in the lower class. These are the issues illustrated in Arhondia’s short story “Tom Corridan”.

A young boy, Tom Corridan who is the main character and first-person narrator, tells the story about how hard it is for him to break the social heritage and get an education while also putting up with an alcoholic and unsupportive father.

The story is taking place in Ireland, which can be identified from the beginning of the story where Irish names, phrases, and slang words are used.

The names “Thin Lizzy” and “Mr. Walsh” sound Irish, which is used to indicate, that the story takes place in Ireland. The title of the story, “Tom Corridan” is also a name that sounds Irish.

Throughout the story, Tom Corridan uses words like “Ma” and “Da”, which is an Irish slang. This is his dialect, which illustrates that he most definitely is from Ireland or has lived there for a good amount of time with his parents who also have the same dialect.

Another element of the physical setting that is typical for Irish culture is the Catholic school that Tom attends. His teacher is Father Flanagan, a Catholic priest.

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