Tom Corridan | Fictional essay

A lot of people struggle every single day to break free of their social heritage in order to walk their own path in life.

It is not as easy as it seems though, and a lot of difficult challenges come with it. ‘Tom Corridan’ is a short story by Archondia published in 2018 set in Dublin, Ireland following the teenager Tom and his family.

As mentioned earlier, the short story is set in the Dublin suburb Cherryfield Road, making up the physical setting of the story. According to Tom the small town is: “the most miserable, greyest, fucking hole in Dublin.”

This description goes hand in hand with the hardships the protagonist Tom faces on a daily basis and helps create this melancholy and hopeless atmosphere.

When it comes to the social setting the Corridans are in the lower class and it seems as if Frank is the only one source of income in the family

and he therefore expects Tom to get working immediately after he finishes school and for him to go the same path as his father and become a plumber.

The abuse Tom faces from his father could the connected to the fact that the family is in a tough spot and Frank therefore thinks the way he treats his family is justified.

The gender roles being displayed in the Corridan household are very traditional and stereotypical with the father being the only breadwinner and the mother staying at home taking care of the house and children.

The story utilizes a first-person narrator, Tom who describes the events of the story from his point of view. This means the reader exclusively only has access to all of Tom’s thoughts.

We are thrown directly into the story and the events we see unfold span over approximately 24 hours in chronological order, which is a very traditional structure for the short story genre.

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