Analytical essay on ‘Tom Corridan’

Most parents would be proud of their children breaking the negative social heritage. They want what’s best for their kids, and they want them to succeed in life.

Tom Corridan wants exactly that: to be something more than his father ever was.

He will do anything to get out of Cherryfield Road, the saddest hole in all of Dublin, and he wants to strive for greatness by taking extra classes in Ancient Greek and eventually go to college.

You’d think his father in particular would be proud of Tom’s ambitions and accomplishments, but in the short story “​Tom Corridan​” that’s far from the case.

In the short story “​Tom Corridan​” by Arhondia, our protagonist Tom Corridan wants to be something more in this World than his father ever was.

The paternal love in the Corridan household is replaced with hatred and fear because of Tom’s father, Frank’s, unhealthy drinking habits.

The story takes place in Dublin over the course of about 24 hours, and though we aren’t given a specific year, the reference to a record player and Thin Lizzy (a Dublin-based hard rock band formed in 1969) hints that the story presumably isn’t contemporary to the story’s time of publishing (2018).

The few but vivid descriptions of Crumlin creates a very dark and melancholic small-town atmosphere.

The language of the short story contributes to our understanding of the setting, and the use of slang clearly demonstrates that the environment is lower class “​Ah sure, fuck it, we’ll wait.

Joe, come ‘ere to your old man. You’re always looking out for me, aren’t ya?​” (page 2, line 46).

Especially the conversation between Tom, Frank and Michael at the pub expresses the exaggerated use of slang. This paragraph (page 1, line 16-35) also reveals the hate which Tom feels towards Crumlin: Every time Frank or Michael speaks, Tom’s inner monologue criticizes them or calls them names.

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