Tom Corridan | Analyse | Arhondia | 10 i Karakter

The short story “Tom Corridan” is written by the author Arhondia and was released in 2018. The main theme in the story is domestic violence and what toxic relationships can push you to do.

The mother of Tom also knows that Frank is being a bit abuse towards both Tom and Joe, yet she does not seem to be brave enough to stand up for them and herself even though she tries (p. 2 l. 59).

Not only is Frank being abusive against Tom and Joe, but he also uses that behaviour towards his wife; “(…)Plate up, woman, for fuck’s sake!(...)” (p. 2 l. 62).

Time after time, Tom tries to convince his father that studying at a university actually can get him somewhere, but it seems impossible to get through; “(…)

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