Tom Corridan | Essay Analyse

When combining social heritage and being in a lower class, it is known to be quite difficult to shift through social classes. Many things become disadvantages. Ambition becomes a goal. A goal can turn into hope in a second. Only to become a dream.

Therefore, that dream can easily seem like a fantasy. However, it is a reality for many young people in every society. These are the main issues in Arhondia’s short story “Tom Corridan”, 2018. We are introduced to a young boy, Tom Corridan who is the protagonist and first-person narrator.

We are reading the story through his eyes and very quickly you feel sorrow for him due to the circumstances he is bound to live under. An alcoholic, degrading and most important an unsupportive dad. Tom mentions that he is learning ancient Greek to improve.

However, his dad says it will be useless because he has already decided that tom is going to be a plumber like him. Even though Tom doesn't want to become a plumber. He just wants to get a higher education that is a big ambition considering college isn't free and his father's lack of support doesn't make it better

Many words show signs of sociolect like "da" instead of dad, "me" instead of my and then there is the slang. Words like "fecker" instead of fucker and "eejits”. There is also a lack of respect between the protagonist and the other characters.

You see a lot of cursing and informal language, very common when considering that Tom's family is lower-class. Looking at a whole society it is often said that the richer speak in a posher and formal language.

Whereas the working class or lower-class uses slang and curse more often. However, this mostly describes the father and Michael. Tom uses a more ordinary English language.

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