‘Tom Corridan’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Violence in the family and in relations is a serious problem; no matter who is exposed to the violence, for the children witnessing the violence

for the individual family and for society as a whole. The violence also reflects a lack of gender equality and respect between the perpetrator and the victim.

In the short story “Tom Corridan” from 2018 written by Arhondia, we meet a boy named Tom, who is emotionally abused at home.

Tom’s father is not a family man and use therefore most of his spare time at bar. He leaves most of the reasonability of the family to his wife

who takes care of the children and everything at home. -“ I have to go get Da from the pub in a minute, otherwise Ma says he’ll stay there all night and not come home for his dinner. “ (p.2 ll.13-14)

The father does not focus much on his family, he does not want Tom to pursue his dream about going to university

he thinks that it’s a waste of time and Tom should instead finish collage and start to provide for his family by working as a plumper.

He is quite violent towards his wife and kids and would beat them if they misbehave or when he’s drunk and need to get rid of his aggression open someone - :

“Da shoves Joe off his knee and gets up, taking his belt out of its loops. His famous belt that always ends up joining his hands and his fists at the end of the night.” (p.2 ll. 77-78).

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