Putting your money where your mouth is | Engelsk Essay

Consumers need to be on trend is greatly supported by the fast fashion industry leading to more than 80 billion pieces of clothing being produced each year .

The massive clothes consumption does not only lead to massive waste but also to polluted water, poor working conditions, child labor and millions of trees being logged .

In recent years more attention have been brought to the issues surrounding fast fashion, however, consumers buying behavior does not seem to be changing drastically.

The fast fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry in the world . Being an industry based on trends coming and going, fast fashion creates a lot of trash and waste.

Aside form that the industry is also known for paying their workers below a livable income and employing children2, to be able to create a larger contribution margin for the company.

This has led consumers to demand better working conditions and more sustainability from their preferred fast fashion brands. Thereby forcing fast fashion brands to enable a CSR strategy.

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