A pair of jeans | CAIP Fiction Analysis

The narrator in the short story is the third person, which is seen through the use of pronouns: Her/she.

Furthermore, the point of view is following Mariam, with access to her thoughts, which is seen in the following quotation: “Her mind shouted - rebelling. “they are only clothes””.

The narrator is therefore also restricted to Mariam since we are following her thoughts and actions. The narrator is like a fly on the wall observing the actions, but with asses to the main character's thoughts.

The story takes place in the real world in the North West of England around the 1990s. After Mariam went for a hill walk in the peak district, she returned back home to her semi-detached house.

Quickly, after she reached her home the social environment changed from the normal Western culture.

Mariam’s parents-in-law showed up, who doesn’t find the Western culture appropriate, but instead finds the Muslim culture much more suitable for her and their son.

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