A pair of jeans’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

This analysis will focus on the essay “A pair of jeans” written by Qaisra Shahraz. The focus points will be character, setting, themes and message.

The analysis will give the reader a better understanding of the text and draw perspective lines between the courses in class and how this fit into the courses and the relevance of it.

The story is being told by a third-person narrator who is hovering besides Miriam, we can hear every thought going through Miriam and her mom’s heads and it is describing, the reaction the in laws have to Miriam’s outfit.

Miriam is our main character, she is a young Muslim girl living in England with her mom Fatima, we do not hear about any other family.

She is perhaps a college student which the text says, “For now, they are were seeing her as a young college woman” (L. 40, Page 2).

In the part of the text we read, we hear about the in laws which names are never revealed (But are in fact Ayub and Begum). Miriam is to marry the in-law’s son whose name is not revealed (but is in fact Farook).

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