Stand by me | Film analysis


The movie is about four boys, setting to find a local missing boy in the fictional town “Castle rock”.

The reason why they do it, is because they’re hoping to become famous for it. During the trip, they encounter a mean man and a marsh full of leeches. The four boys discover a lot about each other during the trip.


There’s a lot of male characters in the movie. The four main characters are Chris, Gordie, Vern and Teddy.

Chris comes from a family of criminals and alcoholics. He has an abusive father, and a mean brother called “eyeball” who’s also a member of Ace’s gang. Chris is nothing like his family. He is supportive, courageous, encouraging, thoughtful and much more.

Gordie has brown hair. He’s thin and quiet and likes to write and tell stories. Gordie is not really the hero type of guy.

He’s reserved and shy, and also a bit soft-hearted. Gordie is rejected by his father after the death of his beloved brother Denny, who died in a car accident.

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