What is success? Is it being financially stable? Having a great family? Or maybe both? Success is a relative measurement, and can never be objectively defined.

It can, on the other hand always be discussed, and with the short film “Donkey” Keir Borrows tries to set fuel into this exact discussion.

In the short film, you follow a young man named David. David talks about parts of his life, and especially about his relationship to his childhood friend Stanley.

He explains that Stanley “was the noisiest, funniest kid in class” when they both were 5-6 years old. He made weird donkey sounds which were hilarious. They both went to different schools after that.

Then when they were teenagers, they got into the same school again. This time, Stanley wasn’t hilarious anymore.

“He was an awkward boy now, shy”. Even though David and his classmates “were told that Stanley wasn’t to be bullied as he were challenged”, they did it anyway.

They especially bullied him with his childhood behavior, as the donkey sounds he made. David then goes on and explains about his life as an adult. He got a girlfriend in which he hung out with “Every Sunday”.

They were both very busy with their well-paying jobs, and at last his girlfriend got an offer, and had to move away.