Analysis of A Wasted Hour

‘A wasted hour’ is a short story written by Jeffrey Archer. It takes place in the old days as we hear the man is driving in a pre-war Studebaker. Another indicating of the setting is that we hear Kelley talks about President Roosevelt. The 32nd president in the period of 1933-1945. This story explores themes such as willingness to meet new people and expanding the horizons of life.

This story is a third-person narrator with limited knowledge. We get to meet Kelley Ragland, who goes to school at Stanford College. On the way back to college she hitchhikes rather than taking a bus or train. Though, she is very cautious about who she is getting a ride from as she describes her ‘Golden Rules’: “

Truck driver were top of the list as they only ever had one thing on their mind. The next were vehicles with two of three young men on board. In fact, she avoided most drivers under the age of sixty, especially those behind the wheel of a sportscar. She seems like an open human being who like to meet with people, and if they met all of her most stringent requirements, she does not hesitate to talk with them too.

One of the reasons why she hitchhikes are because she has ambitions about being a writer when she has graduated from College. And

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