A Wasted Hour | Analyse | Jeffrey Archer

Everybody has that famous person that they dream about meeting someday, whether it’s a celebrity, athlete, actor or even a writer. Only lucky few gets to experience this but imagine having a whole hour asking them all the questions you want.

For most of us this unfortunately remains a dream and we have to settle with seeing them on tv or watching them from a distance performing on a stage or on the course. Most of us have also thought about what we are going to ask our idols if we meet them since you are probably not going to have a lot of time to talk with them.

The short story “A WASTED HOUR” by Jeffrey Archer tells us about a quite fascinating but odd meeting between a young woman and one of her favourite authors.

It starts out describing Kelley walking down the highway thumbing for a ride back to her college, after rejecting a few propositions an elderly man picks her up in his pre-war Studebaker.

The text is narrated by a third person narrator and the author uses imagery language and adjectives throughout the text which gives the reader an insight of how John looks and makes the text more vivacious.

It also helps imagining and picturing the surroundings “she spotted a pre-war Studebaker slowly ambling along towards her” and “Kelley sank back into the leather seat […] she took a closer look at him. He had mousy grey hair, a sallow, lined complexion, like well- worn leather, and the only thing she didn’t like was the cigarette in dangling from the corner of his mouth.”

Here we got a good description of John, so we know what he looks like. We also have access to Kelley’s feelings meaning that the point of view is limited as we don’t get told about anybody else’s feelings.

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