The killing of George Floyd is a world known incident, and his last words “I can't breathe” should become the mantra of oppression, which we should all associate with.

The police officer who pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck snuffed out one life, but lit a universal fire, because of his racist acts.

Even though we all know that racism exists, we somehow have neglected the fact that the killing of George Floyd is not the only incident that has occurred because of the colour of an individuals` skin.

To analyse the linguistic features, I have chosen to focus on a rhetorical question, allusion, and anaphora.

Ben Okri starts his article off with a rhetorical question, which is an important linguistic feature he uses to set the framework for the content of his article.

The rhetorical question can be seen in the following extract, “Why has the killing of George Floyd struck such a profound chord in us?

Maybe it was that phrase: “I can’t breathe.” (Paragraph 1, sentence 3-4) Whereas Ben Okri uses a rhetorical question to highlight a topic the audience can relate to in different aspects in life.