The discriminatory behaviour there is connected to racism exist anywhere, this is a topic which had a big meaning for our world today, and it’s has led to a lot of consequence to many men and woman, including George Floyd, he’s consequence was humans worst fear.

His life was taken from him. Is this what the world has been built for, that people don’t have other thing to do, than spend their time to use abuse to people that have a different colour of their skin, and in worst case killed people for that reason.

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In the article, there are several words and the phrase that are repeated, like “colour-blind” , “rac-ism” and the phrase “I can’t breathe” .

These words and the phrase are important, because of it is the whole meaning in the text, in addition, it is also related to the message. The reader also gets more empathy with the topic.

Ben Orki used a lot of pathos when he tries to set the reader nearer into what racism is and which there are.

Therefore, he tries to express that after what happening to George Floyd and his last word, and there should be a new language for racism, before people can understand what it is like to be exposed to racism “we need a new ... a phrase for that condition.”

He appeals by getting people a reaction to people's feelings and obtain sympathy for those who have been exposed to racism and their families. It can be seeing in this example “Racism is a failure of humanity.