Tomorrow is too far | Analyse

Jealousy makes a person unable to think, live a life and how can you live a life when you have killed your own brother?

The narrator begins the story during the last summer she had spent in Nigeria, with her brother and cousin. Nonso was favored by her family and he was the one who would carry on the Nnabuisi name and not Dozie.

One summer the narrator screamed so her brother fell off the tree and died, when her grandma passed away, she kept talking about Nonso before she died, which leaves her a feeling with emptiness.

The story is set in Nigeria and America. “You would never again set foot in Nigeria” in Nigeria their grandma and father’s side of family live “lived in California” their mother is American.

“A steamy bathroom, with so many trees that the telephone wire was tangled in leaves and different branches touched one another

and sometimes mangoes appeared on cashew trees and guavas on mango trees” here she describes her grandmothers’ yard and how it feels to be there.

“The tiny space behind Grandmama’s garage” here she and Dozie is trying to have kind of sex. “At the airport” This is Where she comes back to Nigeria and Dozie gives her a hug. “He was in Mali” it was the last time she heard from her dad when he was in Mali.

“When he called you in Virginia” here Dozie called her and told grandma had passed away. “That summer, thirteen years ago” it has been so long time since he died.

“You waited till he was nearly at the top, till his legs hesitated before inching farther up” here Nonso is climbing in a high tree and then she screams so he will get shocked, fall down and die.

The main characters of the story are the narrator, Nonso, Dozie, mother, grandmother and father.

“You would never again set foot in Nigeria to see your father’s family” and “Grandmama had never liked your mother and would not like her even if she was Nigerian, even if she had not been an American” The main character is Nigerian-American.

Here she describes herself “a voice pure like water and legs like elastic bands.” She never gets noticed by her family “Nonso was heavier than you. Heavy from all the food Grandmama made him eat.

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