Far and Away | Analyse


Joseph Donnelly, a young and poor Irish man, decides to take revenge on his landlord Daniel Christie, believing he is the man responsible for his family being evicted and his father’s murder.

During his attempt to kill Christie his is injured and sentenced to duel the actual man responsible. Daniels arrogant manager Stephen Chase.

Luckily for Joseph, Daniels’s daughter Shannon longs after living a modern life, and has become quite dissatisfied with her parent’s traditional view on how a life should be lived.

But before she can escape, she needs a male companion. Shannon uses the duel as an opportunity to convince Joseph to flee with her to the US.

Shortly after their arrival in Boston Joseph finds he is quite the natural in the boxing ring, and uses it to make a living, while Shannon works in a chicken processing plant, all to help them reach their dream, getting their own land.

All is well until Joseph loses a fight with high stakes, and they must start all over. Their path’s part, before meeting again in Oklahoma where they are to race for land, of which they can rightfully claim.

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