The Unexplored World of the “Kidfluencers”

“They´re having fun. ”
A seemingly innocent statement that expresses joy, joy however that possibly has been forced upon the subjects that is Leah and Ava Clements.

While the two young girls themselves are quick to confirm their mothers claim of happiness, and while it might also be true in their case specifically, it is not without concern that people from the outside watch how children at an extremely low age are exposed to millions of fans and hefty publicity that ensures a well-documented and unforgettable childhood, whatever that would hold.

Nowadays the times has drastically changed. As the millennials who grew up with the internet start to become parents, the anxiety that generations like my own parents had towards the internet and electronics in general has faded.

They no longer feel the same urge to protect their kids against whatever the internet must hold, as they themselves might think of it as being safe due to their own experiences with it.


It is, however, not just the kid influencers, exposed to millions who are vulnerable. The companies know exactly who the audience is and that is the core reason that these kid influencers have even become a thing. Their audiences are often young as Lea and Ava suggest, and they look up to their idols that is these kid influencers.

The judgment of such a young audience is far from developed and it is therefore easy to imagine scenarios where they are unaware that they are being manipulated and where they cannot distinguish between simple admiration for the product and advertisement, something that the kidfluencers themselves might not even be aware of either.

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