Kidfluencers – Argumentative essay | 12 i karakter

Kidfluencers is a term for the children who act as influencers. The influencer phenomenon involves recommendations from individuals who have the potential to affect others’ purchasing decisions.

These recommendations often appear on social platforms to seem more empathetic and involved. Children who act as influencers have the potential to communicate with other children on social media.

Kidfluencers are thus valuable for companies to promote new products and create awareness of the companies’ brand.

However, this method of promotion is based on working children who do not have the authority to contradict their parents.

The parental responsibility is a contributory factor in child development. Parents are obligated to fulfill the physical and mental needs of a child.

Therefore, kidfluencer is a topic that includes responsibilities and the health of a child. These kidfluencers will eventually become teenagers.

The majority of kidfluencers will experience serious issues that involve identity crises and personality disorders.

According to an interview from CBS News , kidfluencers are contending with all social pressures of being children in a digital age combined with being a child star.

The potential psychological effects are undeveloped coping skills, anxiety, and depression. They are dealing with their sense of self-esteem being linked to fame and public approval.

Dr. Varma describes their self-esteem issues as addiction and the feeling of failure and disappointment is exaggerated.

These diseases also apply to children who watch kidfluencers on social media. Children view kidfluencers as their role models which can destroy their self-esteem.

Kidfluencers create unrealistic body ideals for other children with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a universal issue that affects the youth negatively and creates inaccurate images of unrealistic realities.

Parents who force their children to become kidfluencers have financial advantages for their families.

Kidfluencers supports their family financially and provides a fixed income. Parents have to prioritize their schedules based on their children’s photoshoots for companies.

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